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Start Earning by Sharing Vehicles You Already Own in the Cosmic Network

We Provide Scalable Software, Vehicles and Management Tools So You Can Focus on Launching & Monetizing Your Shared Vehicle Fleet

Mobile Apps

Sharing Vehicles & IoT

Management System

It Starts With an

Amazing User Experience

Provide a wide variety of vehicles depending on the needs of your riders. Service the needs of commuters, employees, tourists or delivery fleets.

Once your riders are registered they have full access to all of your vehicles and can unlock, pay and ride all in the same flow.

Riders can choose from different vehicles and different usage modes. Offer discounts with subscriptions, by the minute and even let them rent a free floating scooter by the day, week or month. The choice is yours.

Issue advance coupons and store riding balances all within the Cosmic Mobility Wallet. We’re connected to 122 payment processors out of the box including local cash payments.

Cosmic Vehicles are Ready to Share

Whether you have a new fleet or you want to make your current vehicles shareable, Cosmic has got you covered.
We provide the only end to end & ready to launch vehicle sharing platform to companies and organizations around the world. 

Cosmic Shared
Vehicles Come With…

  • Smart Vehicles with GPS Tracked IoTs
  • Keyless and Key Options
  • 99.9% Uptime
  • Data SIMs Available in 196 Countries
  • Optional Anti-Theft Insurance
  • Hot Swap Batteries (When Applicable)

Why Buy 
From Cosmic?

  • Import and Logistics Managed For You
  • Vehicles and Platform Ready to Launch
  • Simple 40% / 60% Payment Terms
  • Co-Branded & Customizable Options
  • Setup, Training & Maintenance Guides,
  • Spare Parts & Replenishment Planning
Answer a few simple questions and we’ll help you select
the best vehicles for your shared mobility fleet.

Co-Brand & Customize

Add your brand, colors and messaging in the rider app. We’re here to be your partner and support your growth.

So Much More Than Fleet Management

Data Driven Ops

Track, learn and execute for stronger revenues with your managements suite. See vehicle health status (when available), your team, hot zones with high demand and so much more. 

Vehicle And People Management

Add your full team from marketing to ops and collaborate in real time to execute on high performing and high usage with your fleet.  

Automated Tasks & Higher Network Availability

You have your data, your team and fleet… Now you need to execute. We’ve created automated task workflows that dispatch in-field team members based on their proximity and availability. We take the guess work out of profitable shared logistics. 

Companies Across the Universe are
Launching Shared Mobility With Cosmic

"Cosmic makes It as easy as possible for you to succeed with shared mobility. The whole point of having an all-in solution is to simplify your business time to market and make a successful unit."

Answer a Few Simple Questions and Get Your

Enter your email to get your free custom shared mobility report *We don’t spam!

Start Earning by Sharing Vehicles You Already Own in the Cosmic Network

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