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Fleet Size
Average Value Per Ride
Average Rides Per Day
0.055 tons
CO2 will be saved
$ 12,655 per month ?

A complex business made simple through technology

We register the rides, you make the profit.

Cosmic has more than 20 Payment methods available in different markets, making easier for Customers to pay by using your fleet. We make the Payments to you directly.


You own we list

The vehiceles will be listed in our
Network they will generate daily
income according to the operations..


We process payments and create information for every ride

We process the payment from your
customers, besides we provide all
related information so you can
process and plan.


Get your earnings!

Get the income directly on your


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Cosmic has availability of other vehicles including ebikes and mopeds. If you also want to explore other types of vehicles we can provide more alternatives.

In the application we share with you all the information related to your network like income, the list of vehicles a full set of notificacions and also asks related with the vehicles.

People use your vehicles you make the profit, we pay directly to you.

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