Meet the best alternative to Atom Mobility

How does Atom compare with Cosmic? What’s the best conversational software? What is the best alternative to Atom? Discover why Cosmic is a great alternative to Atom.

Looking for Atom alternatives?

Drift founders have built a great product that is focused on sales and marketing teams.

Their product is all dedicated to these teams and the product itself offers features that goes along.

Crisp has been built on the total opposite as Crisp is a messaging company that goes way over the top of sales and marketing team.

Crisp comes as a lead and customer messaging platform that brings companies around one tool.

If you’re looking for an alternative to Drift here are some reason you should consider when looking over Crisp.

Reason #1

End-up the thrill of siloed conversational data inside your company

Just like Drift, Crisp comes with an all-in-one customer messaging platform that brings the company around one tool The thing is, Crisp offers way more integrations to increase collaboration between your teams.

Unlike Drift, you can centralize Emails, SMS, Live Chat, Facebook Messenger, Twitter or WhatsApp inside one inbox.

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Reason #2

Our chatbots do more than just book meeting

The most ambitious companies realize that crafting a great customer experience helps sustainable income.

Unlinke Drift, Crisp chatbots can be used at every stage of the customer lifecycle to automatically book more demos, upsell trialling users, answer frequently asked questions or route conversations automatically.

You can even take benefit from our chatbot to offer custom bot with social networks such as Facebook, Twitter or WhatsApp.

Fair Pricing Policy

Crisp offers free and paid plans. All our plans come with flat pricing so you can, expect what you pay at the end of the month.

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No engagement

We want to you to be free to leave whevener you want. That’s why Crisp plans come with no engagement.

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Free trial

Ever bought something without any trial? That’s why all our plans come with a trial of 14 days without any CC’s required

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Reason #3

Automate trials and upsells

Run automated, multi-channel lifecycle marketing campaigns to convert more trials and cross-sell existing customers thanks to our marketing automation software that lies inside Crisp.

Focus on key interactions to deliver the right message at the right time and enjoy fine grained targeting option to address your messages to the right group of people.

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Reason #4

Speed is a matter of performance

Unlike Drift, we believe everyone should deserve an efficient, fast and reliable chat widget.

Even in countries that may not have fast internet broadband, customers should easily get in touch with companies.

More than offering affordable customer support on a global scale, loading time is also a ranking factor for Google search results.

If you wish to improve your visibility, you should always be willing to decrease the amount of external widget your serving for each new visitor.

Of course, Drift widget is great but only for business that can afford to rack-up more power to their servers to counter balance the heavy widget they are loading for each new visitor.

200,000 brands are already using Cosmic to improve their customer experience

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