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Start Earning by Sharing Vehicles You Already Own in the Cosmic Network

Shared Vehicles Should Belong to the People That Use Them

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Order Your Vehicles

Buy scooters, e-bikes and mopeds. Each one has its unique benefits and income opportunities. Your vehicles are include theft insurance, data, maintenance and spare parts for 6 months.

Earn Passive Income

Earn 50 to 75% of the revenue whenever someone uses one of your shared vehicles. We handle everything else.

Track Your Progress

Get live updates on usage, profit and maintenance
activities. You get to see where all your vehicles are at ALL times!

Why Become a Cosmic Parter?

The shared mobility and logistics industries are projected to experience double-digit growth over the coming decades.

Industry Leading 10-12
Month Break Even Point

Partner’s earn an average of 12% to 20% of the value of their vehicles per month.

Customer support

Quick Set Up and
Start Earning Fast

Receive support, training and guidance from leading experts.

Low Investment & High
Earnings Potential

Partners can join with investments as little as $7,500.

"Cosmic Does not only provide a single benefit, they provide all the benefits, tech, vehicles and support to launch Operations"

Your Message
For All to See


Say Hello!

Place a welcome greeting to your riders each time your vehicle is used. Let them know how much you care about your community and the environment.

Promote an Offer

Bring people to your store, cafe, website or app. Give a special discount or promotion to your riders and drive more business.

Sit Back, Relax & Enjoy the Ride

Cosmic takes care of everything to make sure you are earning
and protecting your assets.

Anti-Theft Coverage

We work to make sure your vehicles don’t get stolen in the first place… But in the event they do, you are covered for a full 6 months up to 90%.

Maintenance & Charging Included

Included in your purchase is maintenance and charging for 6 months with no additional fees!

Great City Relations

Cosmic maintains strong relationships with cities and even take out permits when necessary.  In addition we implement the MDS (Mobility Data Sharing) protocol. 

Cosmic Around The Universe




San Cesareo

You Might Have
A Few Questions

We have shared vehicles starting at $750. We make sure our shared vehicles are rugged and ready to last through break even and profitability. Our typical partner joins with 75 vehicles though we have options available with as low as $7,500.

We include your e-bikes, scooters and mopeds with chargers, 1 battery per vehicle and 6 months of SIM data, anti-theft insurance and maintenance at no additional charge. We will also take care of all import and logistics and involve you in every step from purchasing to profitability. 

We partner with world class operators worldwide. This coupled with fleet our logistics management suite and automated tasks simplifies operations and reduces operator errors which impact vehicle availability. If you want to run your own Cosmic fleet you can apply to the Cosmic Shared Mobility academy.

Depending on the vehicle type you will be renting your vehicles to commuters, tourists and food and package delivery drivers. 

A shared world is a better world. It means that we are leveraging our resources more efficiently and reducing individual consumption while providing individual transportation. Each 8km trip represents a savings of 1.12 kg of CO2 over the same trip in a typical gas car. 

Currently you can purchase vehicles to share in over 19 countries. Our platform was built to be global from day 1 and we can help you implement a Cosmic Shared Fleet almost anywhere with a stable 2g / 3g / 4g or LTE internet connection.

Absolutely! If you want to launch your own fleet and qualify to run local operations we can help you with that too. We’ve helped local entrepreneurs and fortune 5,000 businesses launch and scale fleets around the globe. 

You can invest in and own scooters, e-bikes and mopeds. Each one has its unique benefits and serves different needs. All our vehicles are equipped with swappable batteries which reduces logistics costs and translates into more income for you.

Start by entering your email. We will ask you a few questions to better help understand what type of Shared Mobility Partner you are. At the end we’ll provide a custom shared mobility report for free with recommendations on vehicle types, usage models and projected earnings. 

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Enter your email to get your free custom shared mobility report *We don’t spam!

Start Earning by Sharing Vehicles You Already Own in the Cosmic Network

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