Cosmic Dash

Cosmic Demos

Watch the videos below to see the Cosmic Shared Mobility Platform in action. Get a deeper understanding of how our software can make you a successful micro-mobility fleet operator.
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Command Center & Automated Tasks

Command center is your visibility and control into your fleet in real time. Learn how you can automatically route tasks and activities to your in-field team.

Geo-Fences & Riding Rules

Quickly draw geo-fences and watch them appear the rider and logistics app instantly. Create rider rules to slow down or stop vehicles as they exit approved riding zones.

Control Devices

You and your logistics team have full control over your vehicles and devices with the Cosmic Dashboard and logistics app.

Ride & Payment Management

Monitor rides in real time and have a live view of activities and payments happening in your dashboard.

User & Rider Management

Manage your entire rider base including payments, rides and more. Export your riders quickly and easily.

Team Management

Add and remove your team members for powerful team management. Invite operations and logistics users or support staff.

Coupons & Promotions

Issue dynamic and advanced coupons and create special rider promotions with completely unique pricing schemes.