Meet the Best Alternative to Hop Scooters

How does Hop Scooters compare to Cosmic? What is the best sharing software? What is the best alternative? Find out why Cosmic is a better solution than Hop Scooters to launch your sharing fleet.

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Looking For Alternatives to Hop Scooters?

That's where we come in! Cosmic offers you a truly end to end sharing solution including the operational framework to make sure you are PROFITABLE.

In addition to industry leading fleet management software and rider apps, we've also simplified buying and maintaining vehicles from the top sharing factories around the world.

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Reason #1

We Are More Than Just Software or an IoT.

In addition to offering different platforms for a better experience with our partners, we seek to create accessible, easy and eco-friendly transport options for the world's communities.

A transport for biosecurity!.

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Reason #2

It doesn't matter if you are new to the world of micro-mobility

Unlike the competition, we have a mobility academy, in which we offer courses that will help you better understand this environment, helping you to grow, build trust and feel more connected with you.

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Fair Pricing Policy

Crisp offers free and paid plans. All our plans come with flat pricing so you can, expect what you pay at the end of the month.

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No engagement

We want to you to be free to leave whevener you want. That’s why Crisp plans come with no engagement.

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Free trial

Ever bought something without any trial? That’s why all our plans come with a trial of 14 days without any CC’s required

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Reason #3

Because we think big!

You will never find our scooters scattered around the city or outside their areas of operation without any kind of care, that is why we have our own charging stations where you can find our scooters with a greater care.

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Reason #4

We want you to feel comfortable in making decisions.

That is why we offer you a list of different manufacturers, each with a unique style of scooters, giving you greater freedom when requesting your fleet.

200,000 brands are already using Cosmic to improve their customer experience

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Discover How Hop Scooter compare with Cosmic

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