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Amazing companies start with amazing people.
We’re building a global, diverse team of smart, passionate people who feel comfortable being themselves, and are motivated by our shared goal — improving people’s lives through affordable and accessible vehicles.

Our mission is

To provide accessible, affordable and profitable
vehicles to and from communities around the world.

Our values

We Are Scientific

As Cosmic our success relies on innovation, integrity and continuous improvement at all levels and touchpoints of our business by applying the scientific method. We respect the process of identifying patterns quickly and optimizing or removing them quickly. The application of the scientific method at all levels of the organization is expected and highly valued.

We Compete With Intensity and Win

We are in competition against time, previous results and industry rivals to rapidly achieve high quality results. Winning requires clear focus and routine. We cannot be distracted by previous accomplishments. Though we compete intensely, we maintain high ethical standards and demand integrity in our dealings with competitors, customers, partners and each other.

We Create Value for Riders, Partners and Shareholders

We provide value by bringing community owned and operated vehicles and devices available for urban transport and delivery. Our community driven model enables Cosmic to provide a profitable and sustainable approach to shared vehicles and micro-mobility. Cosmic creates a work environment that provides opportunities for staff members to reach their full potential. We strive to provide long-term business models and returns while balancing the needs of partners, riders, shareholders and growth.

We Are Ethical and Believe in Safety Above All

We are relentless in applying the highest ethical standards to our products, services and communications. We emphasize safety of our riders and partners through safety and process standards. Transparency and risk assessed commitments are fundamental to everything we do.

We Trust and Respect Each Other

Every job at Cosmic is important and every Cosmic staff member is important. We attract diverse, capable and committed people and provide an environment that fosters inclusion, respect, individual responsibility and values diversity. Trust is strengthened through personal initiative and by obtaining quality results rapidly.

We Ensure Quality

Quality is a cornerstone of all of our activities. We seek the highest quality information, decisions and people. We produce high quality products and services. Quality is woven into the fabric of everything we do.

We Work in Teams, Collaborate, Communicate and Are Accountable

Our teams work quickly to move innovations from the lab to the marketplace and to support other aspects of our business. Focussed and clear teams are what turn ideas into profitable and valuable products and services. Our team structure provides opportunities for Cosmic staff to impact the direction of the organization, to gain broader perspective about other functions within Cosmic and to reach their full potential. Part of achieving our full potential is to be accountable and take responsibility.

We Read, Learn and Expand our Minds and Abilities

To be and remain the best it means we can never become too comfortable or complacent in our pursuits, knowledge and education. We encourage reading 3 books per month and many articles. This keeps a consistent path of betterment.

We Remain Focussed and True to Our Values

We filter our decisions through the values that we live by at Cosmic. We remain true to our purpose and manifest our purpose in every level of our organization. Our products, services and innovations directly represent a clear focus on delivery of these values.

Our Departments


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Marketing & Growth

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2 open jobs

Open Jobs

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Marketing & Growth
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Engineering Operations

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