Cosmic and Local Municipalities Launch a Free Social Delivery Service

Jonathan Calmus

April 16, 2020

Things have gotten difficult fast. Luckily for Cosmic we are able to work remotely with food, running water and an abundance of video streaming platforms. For that we are truly grateful. But it forces you to think about the people who are unable to be in a privileged position. Last week we launched the EWMF (Essential Workers Mobility Fund) to provide free isolated vehicles to essential workers like medical staff, city staff and delivery for life sustaining goods and products.

Today we have launched a social delivery service in which local municipality employees volunteer on the front lines to make sure that their underserved communities are able to continue living life. We deliver from local food banks, dark stores, the local library and medical services.

Our first municipality is with Estacion Central in Santiago, Chile but we are in discussions with municipalities and local businesses in all 15 countries we operate in and will be rolling out over the coming weeks. What we’ve observed from the process of partnering with Estacion Central is that there is huge demand for access to isolated vehicles and even bigger demand for access to delivery services normally out of reach to large parts of the population.

We could easily see how quickly the local communities and Mayor’s office started jumping to action. We were able to connect to 25 local, stable and city run services like communal supermarkets and partner with local independent partners too in less than a week from idea to implementation and with the city and their dedicated employees we implemented a service that many people desperately need during these times.

Spirits are extremely high and we are fully continuous of the risk that city workers are taking to make this possible and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. To be in a position of privilege means that we are also in a position to share resources with those who need them most and we are honored to be able to work with forward thinking and fast moving cities and local partners like Estacion Central and their team.

If you are a local city that wants to launch a social delivery service please contact us immediately at We can help enable your teams to respond fast and service local residents.

For press inquiries and to help us spread the word please contact us at

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