Cosmic Commits $18,000 to The Essential Workers Mobility Fund

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By Jonathan Calmus

Apr 06, 2020

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There are moments in life where we are all tested. The current global situation emerging due to Covid-19 or Coronavirus is one of them. The world needs help and some of us are in a position of privilege with the ability to work remotely and continue life with some form of stability. But in order for us to have that privilege, essential workers cannot stay home. They have taken on the duty of serving their communities no matter how difficult physically and emotionally it is.

With data and information changing daily and the increased demand on our health care system, infrastructure and logistics we felt we needed to respond and contribute to the relief and impact of Corona virus on day to day life and local communities. That is why we are proud to announce the Essential Workers Mobility Fund or EWMF. Cosmic is starting off by donating $18,000 in access to vehicles and protective gear for essential workers.

We are starting with a co-initiative with Estacion Central in Chile, an underserved community near Santiago. Rodrigo Delgado, the Mayor of Estacion Central acted swiftly and organized a community delivery program using Cosmic scooters and the municipality’s staff. We’re working with cities across our 19 countries to provide the vehicles we have on hand to ensure there are no interruptions of service due to lack of protective gear for staff or access to individual and sterilized transportation. We’ve already seen an outstanding response with all of our corporate partners and vehicle owners and it’s clear everyone is aligned to help how each of us can.

We are calling on everyone that wants to contribute and donate to keeping essential workers mobile and protected to deliver on the services and goods supporting life in quarantine. Each $120 gets an essential worker access to an individual bike, e-bike, e-scooter or potentially car or truck depending on the necessity in addition to protective gear like masks and gloves for 6 weeks.

All essential workers, hospitals, cities, organizations and businesses, nurses, medical staff, delivery giggers, support staff at local essential businesses are welcome to apply. Basically if you are in need of protective gear and transportation and you support essential life services or products please apply immediately.

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