15 Minute Cities and the Little Unknown $30 Trillion Dollar Trend of the Decade

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By Carlos Agudelo

Jun 16, 2021

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30 Million Trend 15 minute city

The pandemic has affected people all around the world. Adaption of sustainable ways of living is now more relevant than ever. The post-pandemic world is booming with new opportunities focused on promoting sustainability. An emerging concept of 15-minute cities is gaining wide popularity due to its affordability and eco-friendly characteristics. Ever noticed that most cities in Europe have sidewalks filled with electric scooters and light vehicles? It is the appropriate solution to the traffic chaos in the big cities.

What is a 15 Minute City?

The 15 Minute city concept is an intuitive and popular vision of transforming the urban areas to make everything easily accessible for the local population. People can access most areas of interest and needs within 15 minutes via walking, e-scooters, cycles or public transportation. It is gaining significant traction as it’s a step further to sustainable planning. The increased popularity of the micro-mobility industry is another factor that positively affects the transition towards a 15-minute city.

Many cities have already started offering extended support for biking and lightweight vehicles. Milan declares that 35 km of car lanes will be transformed into cycling and walking lanes. Paris plans to invest $325 million in updating its cycling lanes and network.

Can you be a part of the $30 Trillion Megatrends?

ESG strategies take into consideration the environmental, social and governance factors of a company. Increasing awareness and environmental consciousness have made ESG the single biggest international megatrend. Every year around $3 trillion in funds flows into the ESG market, with $15 billion in new funds flowed during the first half of 2020 alone.

The investment trends around the world are undergoing a significant transition as the big players of the transportation industry, such as Tesla, charge ahead in the $30 trillion megatrend. According to the reports of Bank of America, another $20 trillion will be injected into ESG funds. The increasing demand for sustainable investing has fueled the investors’ appetite for ESG strategies. Being a part of this $30 trillion hottest megatrend is perfect for earning some extra side income and channelizing your funds towards something productive and profitable. Micro mobility is the gateway for investors to enter the $30 trillion market.

The Emerging Micro-Mobility Industry

Micro mobility is a lucrative industry with numerous unexplored growth opportunities. The micro-mobility industry is just accelerating as more people are shifting towards a greener and eco-friendly solutions. Micro mobility is the perfect mode of transportation for short trips and the major factor responsible for the future success of 15-minute cities. The industry expects to be $300-$500 billion market by 2030.

Investing in a micro-mobility business is a sensible choice and holds many attractive opportunities for your business growth and profitability. As a newbie, investing in micro-mobility is the right choice to be a part of the megatrend. Understanding the operations and management of a micro-mobility business can be tricky, so Cosmic offers training and certifications to help investors comprehend the working and set-up of their business. All information regarding the supply of vehicles, training and guidance, parking stations, technology requirements and customer services is available to prepare the investors thoroughly before they invest.

Being a part of the $30 trillion megatrend is just steps away. Investing in a micro-mobility business can do wonders for new investors and help them gain traction in this industry.

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